I was born in Santiago de Chile, but I have mostly lived in Argentina, my real place in the world. I started making music in a children’s choir in San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina, at the age of 7 and started studying percussion at 13 in Santa Fe, where I did a 5-year training in Music at the “Liceo Municipal de Musica”. In 1997 I graduated from the “Instituto Superior de Musica de la Universidad Nacional del Litoral” in Santa Fe with the degree of National Professor of Music in the field of Harmony and Counterpoint. At the moment I am still studying and taking classes in composition, drums, symphonic percussion and marimba. My musical experiences have been mainly as a drummer, percussionist, technical recording composer and quite recently I have started daring to sing!

Among my most important musical endevours I can mention: PSYCHO 1992/98 (Electronic Rock-pop music), with two CDs released in all Latin America and USA, I worked in several tours of Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Uruguay. RIO since 2006, 2 CDs and several presentations. LOS MACKAY (Argentine Folklore) since 2006 2 CDs and a joint musical work, together with the Malambo Argentino Ballet (Argentine Dance group)of a 51 performance-tour on stages of Portugal and Spain in 2008, Bulgary, Serbia and Rumania in 2013. TENGO pa’l TRUCO (Tango and Folkloric Argentine music quartet) since 2008. We have 2 Cds published and have been presenting our music in many stages in Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Belgium and Holland.
Since 2001 the publishing house Dutch Music Partners, has published more than 30 of my compositions for ensembles or percussion soloists. The same editorial company published in 2004 “Different Paths”, a CD with 14 of my compositions for percussion, somehow representing some of the many musical genres that interest me, such as folklore and Argentine Tango, jazz, classical and contemporary music to electronic music and in 2011 “Touched-Tocado” my 2nd CD with 14 new composition for percussion.

I have been a drum teacher in the “Liceo de Musica de Santa Fe” from1988 to 1997, and I have been a teacher in the “Conservatory of Music Aldo Quadraccia” of Lincoln, in the province of Buenos Aires since 1997. In 2004 I started, together with my students, the “Ensamble de Percusion del Conservatorio Aldo Quadraccia”.

Some of my compositions have been performed on demand, premiered and/or performed by Tristan Taboada and his Duo “LA CAJA” (Colon Theatre Orchestra), Martín Vicente (percussion soloist), ” Ensamble de Percusion de la Fundacion Cultural Patagonia”, “Villavicencio Duo”, “Ensamble de Percusion del Conservatorio Aldo quadraccia”, Leon Camp (percussionist and ensemble conductor, from The Netherlands), “Percussion Ensemble Kempenbloei”, from Achel Belgium, “Mallett and Percussion Ensemble St. Caecilia”, from Hoogland, by myself and other ensembles and soloists from Holland, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Chile and The United States. In addition I have composed, recorded and produced songs, Chamber music, commercials and music for TV and Radio, music for electroacoustic media and soundtracks for films as well as theatre music.

Some of my compositions….