Recently we published a new solo collection entitled ‘Woody Memories‘, with five beautiful compositions for marimba (of a ‘medium’ playing level). The composer is the Belgian Nico Camps, who followed his professional education at the famous ‘Lemmens Institute’ in Leuven (Belgium). In 1999 he received his diploma of “Master of Music”. This was later followed by a First Prize in chamber music and specialization in percussion (marimba & vibraphone).

This collection of solo works (see PDF) includes: ‘Along the Road‘ [mp3], ‘#StayHome‘ (to support the heart in times of Covid-19) [mp3], ‘Sunset Beach‘ [mp3], ‘For Heaven’s Sake‘ [mp3] and ‘The Sunny Hilly Heather‘ [mp3]. In this video you can hear and see the composer play one of the titles, ‘Sunset Beach’.