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One of the top-selling compositions in our catalog is “Boomwhackalacka” bij Rodney Money. It’s a great boomboomwhacker-showstopper!

“Boomwhackalacka!” was an attempt of the composer to teach the students the minimalist style of modern composers such as Philip Glass, Steve Reich, and John Adams. The piece was later reworked into “Boomwhackalacka Extreme!” which may be the first original composition that uses the entire series of boomwhacker tubes.

The main Afro-Cuban theme heard and felt throughout transports both performer and listener to a tropical Caribbean paradise that would make any timbale percussionist proud. While incorporating differences in timbre, texture, and rhythmic variation, the driving theme sounds fresh and anew each time it is presented until the opus arrives at its joyous, uplifting, and rousing jubilant conclusion.

Both “Boomwhackalacka!” and its extended edition “Boomwhackalacka Extreme!” are both destined to be a rewarding experience and a showstopper whenever they are performed with the excitement and passion for which they were intended.