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Folkert Buis

Folkert Buis (born in Leeuwarden, Holland, February 8th 1971) studied Classical Percussion and Jazz Vibraphone in Enschede. He attained his masters degree in 1998. At the moment he is teaching at the school for music in Hengelo, as well as conducting several percussion groups and a youth wind-orchestra. He is an active drummer, percussionist and guitar-player.

As a composer Folkert Buis is balancing between the Pop/Rock/Jazz styles and the more “serious” idiom of the modern art-music. His recent endeavour was a major piece for Wind-orchestra, choir, percussion, rock-band and Theremin called “Hangi Lauha”, which premiered the 6th of September 2014. Apart from the percussion-field he has written several saxophone-related pieces as well as material for Band.

A number of pieces have been released on CD: “Another Story About The Direction Of Rocks”, for marimba and harp, was recorded by the Icelandic Duo Harpverk. The Dutch ensemble “Il Canto di Rame” will be recording “Prayer”, for church organ, trumpet, cello and soprano, early 2015.

Folkert Buis continues to be engaged in music productions, like Pink Floyd-The Wall, for which he arranged all orchestral parts (Hengelo 2008, Winterswijk 2014) and The Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists (with Robert Fripp, Italy 2010 and 2012, Argentina 2014, Holland 2015).