(owned by Dutch Music Partners) is constantly accepting new submissions of original and artistic sheet music for percussion. If you’d like to submit something for us to review, please read the following section:

First thing to do is to mail a copy of your composition(s) to us. Make sure that compositions have an international/universal character. You best send it to us by e-mail (for example as a pdf , or as a notation file, like sib- or musfiles). Also send us a good recording of the composition(s) as well (mp3). Lastly we need your (musical) biography.

After receiving your composition(s) we will start screening and and see if it’s suitable for our catalog. If not, you will be notified about it. If we really like your music, it will be added to our on-line catalog. First we will discuss terms, ofcourse! Furthermore, we will add your biography and a photo to this website, so people all over the world will know who you are.

If you like to send us large(r) files (like mp3’s) please use services like Please send the files to info @

We are looking forward to receiving your compositions!