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From January 1st 2015 all companies any where in the world that sell digital services to a purchaser in one of the EU member states will be required to register with the tax authority of any one of the EU member states then collect and remit VAT to that tax authority.

That’s why it was up until now not possible for customers from EU-countries to order at It was too much administration hassle for a small company like ours. However, we received…


New composition: Azares is proud to announce a brand new composition by a brand new, promising composer! Percussionist, drummer, arranger and composer Sebastián Trejos Mejía wrote the beautiful and challenging piece “Azares”.  It is written for 7 players and its grade is medium-advanced.

Program Notes:

AZARES is a fantasia for percussion ensemble for 7 players, written on airs of bambuco (traditional genre of the Colombian Andean Zone). It portrays in the melody of the letter A the magnificence of the fauna and in the letter…


New titles!

We just added six new and challenging compositions to our catalog. You can now download and play directly from….

Sambarimba [a great visual for 7 players on just one marima!]
Le Tombeau de Chateaubriand [a very challenging solo for vibraphone]
Greed [you will love this piece for percussion ensemble]
The Center Fire [a great solo for a multi-percussionist]
Wave Interference [another fine composition by Michael Obermeyer]
Toccata [a solo a vibraphone, with jazzy influences]

Please click on any title to see the pdf of the score, listen to a…


Layers (by Michael Overmeyer)

We are proud to announce a great new composition, that we have added to our catalog. It is “Layers” from composer Michael Obermeyer. 

Michael Obermeyer, Jr. (b. 1988) is a composer and percussionist from Greenfield, Indiana. Largely influenced by symphonic music, his compositions strive to bring the depth of the orchestra into the world of percussion. His compositions have been performed around the world, including in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Some notable performances include concerts by groups…


High-Quality Compositions has 50 high-quality compositions online, for you to download and play TODAY. Here is a list of all the titles. Please click on a title to see all the details.


7 Reasons for a Meeting
Carlos Passeggi

arr. Michael Pagán

John Wickersham

Ballad for Antonio
Gary Parks

Batteries not Included
Folkert Buis

Boomwhackalacka Extreme!
Rodney Money

Rodney Money

Buenos Aires, 2 Scenes
Carlos Passeggi

Matt Ownby

Chez Didier
Wim Lasoen

Gary Parks

Coena Rudimentalis
Carlos Passeggi

Cospirazione (version 1)
Kees Schoonenbeek

Cospirazione (version 2)
Kees Schoonenbeek

Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’
Rodney Money

Dark Humor
Daniel McCould

Different Paths
Carlos Passeggi

Duo Etude
Michael Pagán

Easy Green Rag
Kees Nijsse

Vincent Cox

Vincent Cox



Francesca Santangelo plays ‘Coena Rudimentalis’

From the very well-known percussionist and conductor Antonio Santagelo we received a very nice e-mail, in which he shows us the program his daughter and very talented daughter Francesca Santangelo played in Poland and Russia. One of the titles in the program is a great composition of Carlos Passeggi, entitled ‘Coena Rudimentalis’.  We are very proud to see that our sheet music is sold and played world wide.

Francesca Santangelo is 27 years old. Beginning her musical education in Percussion at the…


Notification of New Titles

After a successful launch of we are planning to update our catalog very frequently with new material. We have several high-quality composition in progress, that we will add as soon as possible. If you want to be notified every time we add new titles, please fill in your email address and name in the form, that you see in the footer of every page (with the header: Notify Me Of New Titles). That way you won’t miss anything!

If you…



One of the top-selling compositions in our catalog is “Boomwhackalacka” bij Rodney Money. It’s a great boomwhacker-showstopper!

“Boomwhackalacka!” was an attempt of the composer to teach the students the minimalist style of modern composers such as Philip Glass, Steve Reich, and John Adams. The piece was later reworked into “Boomwhackalacka Extreme!” which may be the first original composition that uses the entire series of boomwhacker tubes.

The main Afro-Cuban theme heard and felt throughout transports both performer and listener to a…


Catalog has launched its webshop on the first of march 2015. The catalog contains of 50 of the finest compositions for percussionists and percussion ensembles.

The catalog is divided as follows: the first category is Perc. Ensemble (large), with sub categories Perc. Ensemble (few melodic), Perc. Ensemble (most melodic) and Perc. Ensemble (non melodic). The second category is Solos & small Ens. Perc., with sub categories Drumset, Ensemble (untuned), Mallets, Marimba, Multi Percussion, Snare Drum, Vibraphone and Xylophone.

You can sort our catalog by filter. You can choose the category,…


Our Composers is proud to publish high quality compositions of some of the best composers, from all over the world. They all have put their trust in Dutch Music Partners (which is the owner of and submitted their compositions, to be published and sold all over the world.

From Argentina we have a very talented composer, called Carlos Passeggi. His Argentinean origin is quite clearly heard in the sound and character of his music. From the USA we have several great composers, like…